Lake Oswego

Living near a lake has a special charm, as residents of Lake Oswego will tell you.

Travel south down Macadam Avenue, keeping the Willamette on your left, until you reach “L.O.” – perhaps the most upscale residential community in the Portland area. The homes here range from simple 1950s ranch homes to Main Lake grand estates featured in architectural magazines, and everything in between.

Lake Oswego has been known as the place to live the finer life ever since the 1930s and 1940s when the Oswego Lake Country Club was established and prominent architects designed many homes in the area.

This reputation for the finer life continues to this day, supported by public swimming facilities, a golf course, indoor tennis courts and outdoor amphitheater. Over 80 percent of high school graduates continue on to college. It's no surprise that Lake Oswego is a place where many people aspire to live.

Life here naturally revolves around the lake. Saturdays in the summer find everyone at the Farmer's Market in Millennium Plaza, testing the ripe tomatoes and savoring the berries. People cruise the lake on their boats, or simply float to enjoy the day. In fact, the lake gives the area a slight maritime feel that you might find on an East Coast shore, a cool breeze, boats in the dock, the only thing missing is the overpowering smell of fish. And that's good.

The area surrounding the lake, besides the incredible homes, combines the older downtown area, the Village Center, with the recently expanded Lake View Village development. Established businesses mesh perfectly with newer shops and restaurants that attract residents and visitors alike.


North of Lake Oswego is Tryon Creek State Park, 645 acres of forest for hiking and walking, just minutes from most homes in the area. Perfectly located right between Tryon Creek and Village Center is First Addition, one of the most sought-after neighborhoods.

Grand homes here date back to the 1890s when the iron industry thrived in Oswego. Now, many newer homes mix in with the older homes to give First Addition that mixture of old, new, trees and lake that many people associate with Lake Oswego.

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